Monday, July 27, 2009

The Healing Touch...

Jemma volunteered to be a demo dog for the Tellington TTouch stand at the World of Dogs and Cats show. I became interested in TTouch after witnessing the remarkable effect it had on calming one of my puppies during a visit to the vet. It is a methodology using gentle body work developed by famous animal behaviourist Linda Tellington-Jones. It has a scientifically proven effect on the behaviour and health of animals. TTouch is spear headed in South Africa by Eugenie Chopin. Eugenie explained that various touch techniques can help your animal with a variety of problems
  • Fear of loud noises and thunder
  • Jumping Up and Leash pulling
  • Chewing and Barking
  • Aggression and Biting
  • Car sickness
  • Fear and Shyness
  • Nervousness and Tension
  • Fear of Strangers and Hyper Excitability
It apparently helps not only dogs but cats, horses and people including children. If you want to find out more go to
Eugenie said Jemma was an great demo dog!

The World of Dogs and Cats...

Jemma and I visited the recent World of Cats and Dogs show in Johannesburg. She had volunteered to be a demo-dog. Who would believe that so many businesses are involved in the pet industry? Aromatherapy to vacuum cleaners were on show. We met up with some old friends and made some new ones.

Jemma saying hallo to ThinkingPets Trainer Nicole du Plooy who helped train her at Puppy 1 classes. Nicole has now opened her own school in Roodepoort.

ThinkingPets Behaviourist Karin Landsberg having a chat with Jemma. Karin's evaluation was that Jemma was remarkably calm and stable considering the noise, sights and smells bombarding her at this busy show. Karin said I should consider breeding with Jemma because of her good temperament. We consider this a huge compliment coming from such a highly qualified behaviourist.

And then of course there were lots of strangers who just loved meeting Jemma.
Jemma thoroughly enjoyed all the attention if her behaviour in the parking lot was anything to go by. She plonked her bum on the pavement and refused to return to the car. She was having much too much fun!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Invader alert...

Dear Mom and Dad,
We are really looking forward to your visit but I feel I must warn you about a few things in advance. My home is not the tidy, tranquil place you remember. It has been invaded by a new species canis familiaris.

The house looks as if I am packing for Perth. It has been denuded of anything valuable i.e. anything that can be stolen, chewed and destroyed. In my lounge, the woven wool carpets are in storage. The lamps, cushions, magazines and accessories are piled on the dining room table which is no longer used for dining.

Whatever you do, never leave anything valuable (like the TV remote, a cellphone or a book) on a couch or the coffee table. They will disappear.

Dad, I think it's best you sleep upstairs which will withstand a siege or attack by the invaders. Mom, you will have to remember to always close your bedroom or bathroom door or else your valuables will disappear in the blink of an eye. Neither is it safe to leave your windows wide open. The invaders have learnt that if they can't get in via the door, the next best thing is the window.

I apologise in advance for the state of my garden which looks a bit like a desert wasteland. Also be warned that the invaders use a very clever tactic to overwhelm one. They are over friendly and jump, lick, and tangle themselves around your feet. The best strategy for survival is to freeze, fold your arms and don't make eye contact.

If you change your mind about visiting, I will understand.
Lots of love
MA Beagle

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bonking teenagers...

Puppies become Juveniles or Adolescents from 10 weeks to 9 months. This is the time when they also discover sex. (No photos in case I get accused of propagating pornography!)

Well Jamie started bonking Jemma from day one. I believe that ignoring this behaviour is the rule of thumb which I do find difficult as Jemma has now taken to bonking my leg.

Now is the time when you start thinking about neutering and spaying. Females usually come into heat anytime from 6 to 8 months which is why it is recommended that you spay at 6 months.

However I am not panicking yet as Jamie practises safe sex. He bonks Jemma's head.

There are times when I fear for the safety of his private parts as Jemma is not unknown to give them a painful nip. He may well lose his manhood well before he is due for the snip!

Jamie cocked his leg for the first time at about four months - a rite of passage I sentimentally thought quite sweet. But other owners bemoan the start of territorial marking when males pee on everything in sight. Jamie has already embarrassed me by peeing on some body's T-shirt which was lying on the ground in the park. I had to grovel and offer to dry clean it. Once again I am paying for my dog's adolescent behaviour!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Centrefold Babe...

I am not sure how I really feel about beauty pageants, pin up girls and models. There is this perception that trading off one's looks is very airhead. On the other hand if you've got it why not flaunt it!

I have the same mixed feelings about dog shows. If one's intention is to focus on beauty to the detriment of character, temperament and health, it does not work for me on either the human or animal cat walk.

But I have to admit that I am only writing this blog to boast because one of my puppies is a pin up girl! She looks so cute as well (that's my biased opinion). Jemma is the centrefold for the July edition of Animaltalk magazine (She's the one on the right). Being her mother, I am quick to add that not only is she cute but smart and sassy.
No wonder she thinks she has a right to sit on my couch. She's a pin-up Queen.