Monday, December 21, 2009

My wish for my dogs this festive season...

It is the festive season and many of you are making a decision about what to do with your pets if you are going on holiday. I am lucky because I can take them with me to a cottage by the sea.

My puppies will be seeing the ocean for the first time. Since there are no fences around the property, they will be free to roam to their heart's content.

This is wonderful for them but a continual source of worry for me. I remember with my previous male beagle that I was unable to go to sleep at night until I heard the reassuring tinkle of his name tags as he returned (often after 10pm). All my dogs have been micro-chipped and carry mutiple tags with numbers and addresses.

I have a feeling that Jemma and Jamie are going to be addicted to wandering.

So my wish for this holiday is that my dogs come home safely every day after lots of doggie fun. I wish that I can finally slough off all the negativity, stress and pressure of 2009. I wish I can spend time on re-balancing myself and my relationship with my dogs who have often been in the firing line of my stressed emotions.

A toast to our tolerant and patient canine friends who put up with all our human crazy crap!