Monday, May 3, 2010

Things that go bump in the night...

Jamie is the sweetest dog. I love him to bits but he does have some strange neuroses.
Firstly there is the fact that he still hates the car. This despite an intensive desensitisation programme on my part. It means that every outing is a bit of a chore because it takes ages to get Jamie into the car. (I know he gets car sick but it is pointless giving him anti nausea medication unless the trip is more than a hour in duration.)

Secondly he is afraid of large, strange objects. I think this goes back to his puppy hood. He was frightened by one of those big black garbage bins as it rumbled noisily down a pathway. Ever since then, if Jamie sees anyone carrying something large like a box, suitcase or furniture, he runs in the opposite direction.

Winter has definitely announced its arrival in Gauteng, South Africa. So heaters are becoming a necessity. But bearing in mind that we are about to be hit by huge hikes in our electricity bills, I have trundled out my gas heater and kept the electric heaters in storage. But the gas heater just happens to be big and black.

Jamie has refused to join us in the lounge since this heater made its appearance. Despite treats and endearments, he is unwilling to come very far into the room or he sits close to the door where he can make a quick escape.

Well Jamie might just end up having a chilly winter unless he comes to terms with the strange new object in the lounge. It is going to be the only source of heat this winter!

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