Thursday, November 18, 2010

Way to go Jamie and Jemma!

Jamie and Jemma came 21st and 24th out of 50 Beagles according to this year's Beagle Hunt results!

Not bad for "newbeags" who actually only starting finishing scent trails two months into the Hunt's season when they finally understood what to do. We also missed half a month when we were away. So they accumulated their points during 3.5 months out of 6 months. Yup, I'm proud of them!

Last weekend we had a beagle social at Walkhaven ( a park devoted specifically to dogs). The idea is for the beagles to continue to socialise with each other off season. This means that when the new Hunt season starts next winter, the dogs will be thoroughly familiar with each other and this will give the pack cohesion.

There were about 16 beagles there and they had a ball. So we will continue to meet up a least once a month to stay in touch. Nice also for the owners to re-connect and catch up.

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