Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About Breeders...

Personally I respect a breeder who is as fussy about owners. It usually means they care about the future of their puppies. You can very quickly pick up which breeders are just in it for the money. Word has it that puppies with problems (physical and psychological) come from some of the large kennels and certain pet shops. They are churned out by breeders like sausages in a factory and owners have no idea about their background.

If the first 4 months of your puppy's life are critical for imprinting and breeders have them for 2 months, how they care for pups is vital. Both my breeders were small scale and adored their dogs. The puppies grew up in a domestic environment with children, other dogs and visitors. My breeders interviewed every potential owner about their lifestyle and attitude to dogs. They then tried to match the puppy's temperament with the owner's requirements.

One breeder confided she had sleepless nights about owners. Had she made the right choice? But she called me regularly to monitor how things were going and gave lots of valuable after care advice.

I've seen too many unhappy, bored aggressive dogs living year after year behind closed walls, hardly ever seeing their owners. What's the point in having a pet then?

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