Monday, March 9, 2009

The Universe speaks in strange ways...

When you've lost an old friend, there's this tendency not to make a big deal about it - it was after all only a dog. But believe me, you do grieve. I didn't realise how much until I resisted going on a much needed holiday. I felt it would not be the same without my old friend. But the call of the healing power of the sea prevailed.
I was not considering having new dogs for at least a year or two (or so I told myself).

And then the universe spoke.
Walking down the road in my seaside village, I came across a beagle puppy and its owner. Beagles are a rare breed, not often seen in South Africa. What were the chances that I would fall in love again so quickly.

A quick conversation, a phone call or two and suddenly I had two baby beagles on the way. It had to be two because all dogs need friends of their own kind. Born three weeks apart, the first to arrive would be a little boy called Jamie.

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