Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Visiting the Vet...

Jamie is getting quite good at riding quietly in the back of the car. No jumping up trying to climb into the driver's seat and no sign of car sickness. Except after his 10 weeks vaccination shot. The vet warned me this might happen.

In the vet's waiting room, he met more dogs (some unfriendly), a cat and small children whom he loves having grown up with them. One has to be careful though because he still has not learnt to bite "gently". My lacerated hands bear testimony to that.

He has now met a total of 30 people. During his socialisation period he has to meet a least 100 people!

The Eukanuba puppy guide has some interesting tips about what to ask your vet: Nutrition, Weight, Basic Care, Lifestyle, Vaccinations and deworming, Tick and flea control, Neutering and spaying, Socialisation, Microchipping. A helpful reminder.

At 14 weeks he will have his final round of shots. He needs a rabies vaccine repeated within 12 months (after that it's an annual vaccination). If your dog is going to kennels, he will need a shot for that as well. Told you puppies were expensive! Wish there was a more competitive medical aid system for animals.

Going to the vet can be as costly as going to your doctor!

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