Monday, August 10, 2009

Jamie's secret outed. He's got no balls...

It's that time when all owners with puppies of six months or so have to decide whether to neuter or spay. Unless you are a serious breeder there is really no option. But my fellow puppy mothers are debating about who will be the one to take their precious bundle to the vet and become forever vilified as the person responsible for the loss of vital bits and pieces.

The problem is that Jamie's has no balls to chop off! At least they are still not visible at the very late stage of 6 months. The vet has warned me that the fact that his testicles have not dropped could lead to serious medical complications. His testicles will continue to grow inside the abdominal area and put pressure on his internal organs. So they must be removed in an operation that will be more complicated than a straight forward neutering.

The behaviourist advised me to wait until he was at least 9 months because dogs go through a fearful period between 7 and 8 months. And the vet said that we should wait as long as possible so that his testicles grow bigger and are therefore easier to find during the operation.

Poor old Jamie. There is no alternative. Off with his balls!!

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