Friday, August 28, 2009

The puppy puzzle...

Dear MA Beagle

Thanks for putting us up over night.
You had warned us that everything chewable had to be put out of puppy reach to prevent further damage to your pristine home.
You hadn't mention their juggling skills and this is why I am still totally mystified by their farewell trick.

Early the next morning I quietly opened my bedroom door to avoid a boisterous welcome and to my surprise, no puppies.
To my even bigger surprise they had left evidence of their incredible juggling skills..... a grey cardboard container for eggs had been torn to tiny shreds and scattered about the carpet, but the six eggs had remained intact !

The carton of eggs was taken off the kitchen table, carried along a tiled floor and down to the bedroom wing, The mystery of how a beagle puppy managed to do this remains.......................

Mystified Mom.


  1. Dont you want to sell me one of your beagle puppies please!!! They are so so cute!

  2. I have like many mothers considered the wisdom of having twins. There are many days when I think I was crazy and then there are the days that I realise that if anything happened to them I would die. Puppies are not children, but the responsibility is just as big because they are so dependent on us. So I hope you have one of your own one day, but keep reading my blog so that you are prepared!!