Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jemma is under the knife...

Jemma looked unusually subdued at 7.00am when we left for the vet for her sterilisation op.

I was very matter of fact about taking my first female beagle to be spayed but this time I felt a sense of guilt and regret. Both Jemma and I had a very disturbed sleep. I could hear her moving around restlessly at all hours of the night. Did she know something was up or was that my imagination?

She was whisked off to surgery whilst I anxiously asked the vet a whole lot of questions.

How should I prevent her stitches being pulled out or an infection if she played boisterously with Jamie? Would she need pain killers or tranquillisers? The vet was obviously used to dealing with neurotic mothers. She reassured me that Jamie would sense Jemma was off colour and that she would bounce back remarkably quickly. And no she would not need long term pain killers. The brochures advise one to check the incision daily for signs of infection and not bath or allow one's dog to swim for at least ten days.
So Jamie and I will be setting off later today to pick Jemma up. I want the vet to check for any sign of his missing balls (And I hope my baby girl will be OK)!

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