Thursday, August 13, 2009

Out of the woods...

Jemma came home yesterday looking a bit woozy and hang dog. In the evening she began to get the shakes.
So I gave her some gentle Tellington TTouch, particularly on the ears which apparently helps if your dog is in pain or shock. I wrapped her up in a blanket and she settled down.

She has a shaved tummy revealing lots of large freckles and a remarkably small incision so she will not be scarred for life.
Jamie was not quiet sure what to make of it all. He tried barking at her to encourage her to play but she snapped at him to shut up.
The poor chap also had it a bit rough. He gets car sick and
I was not sure whether I would be travelling home with two nauseous dogs vomiting on my car's back seat.
The vet recommended a homeopathic product with cocculus indicus for this problem.
He was also rather stressed at having his scrotum thoroughly probed and prodded for his missing testicles. They are still deep undercover.
However the next day Jemma was much better and ate a hearty breakfast! So hopefully she is on the mend and will soon forget yesterday's events.

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