Friday, April 3, 2009

The B-eagle has landed!

On arrival in Johannesburg, I knew everyone was waiting excitedly outside, including Jamie. The two pups arrived safely and were delivered to the fragile items section.
But where was my suitcase? What a time to have a baggage delay. I waited ages for that damn suitcase, but when I finally rolled into arrivals I felt I was bringing home gold.
Then the big puppy swop took place amidst tangled leads and puppy greetings. I got Jamie back and handed over the breeder's puppy which was hugged by her two ecstatic little girls. Also a blanket that smelt of the litter to comfort the new pup during her first days in a strange home.

Now to get to the parking lot. My sister carried Jamie, the suitcase and bags went on the trolley whilst Jemma sat in the trolley's basket like the Queen of Sheba.
It was a show stopper of note! Everyone was cooing and asking if they could touch the pups. I was even handed business cards from people saying they wanted a puppy!

Then the long ride home. Poor Jamie got car sick and I have been told that this is often caused by overheating and dehydration. Some dogs grow out of it and some don't.

Stepping through my front door with my two proteges was a relief. But the big question was: Were Jamie and Jemma going to like each other and be prepared to share a bed?

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