Friday, April 3, 2009

Mission Jemma...

My second puppy, Jemma was ready to be collected in Cape Town. But this mission turned out to be more complicated than expected.

Jamie's breeder was also collecting a pup from the same breeder. We decided that I would personally fly down and bring back both puppies. There are very good pet couriers, but if you are on the same flight as your pet, they are handled as excess baggage. We felt the journey would be much shorter than going through cargo handling.

This meant that the Cape Town breeder had to crate-train our pups so that they would be used to being inside a crate by the time of the flight. I also felt it would be an opportunity for me to personally meet the breeder as well as Jemma's parents.

It was decided that while I was away for 3 days, the best option was to leave Jamie at his breeder's home as this would be familiar territory rather than put him into yet another strange environment.

I left feeling a little intimidated about the prospect of being responsible for two precious live puppies as excess baggage!

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