Monday, April 6, 2009

Wild Thing!

Several months before my pups arrival, a large ginger feral cat "The Wild Thing" had taken a liking to my garden.

But I worried that a clash between it and my pups could be fatal for the pups. Could it bring disease into my garden? "Don't worry," soothed my puppy trainer. "Cross infection between species is very rare and it will probably just move on if it finds the pups too annoying."
Well, one Sunday morning the dreaded encounter took place. I heard a lot of barking. The siege was being led by Jemma as they shouted at this strange new creature. But ginger cat sat like a sphinx, unmoving, majestic and barely a flicker of an eyelid.
After about 20 minutes my pups lost interest. This was no fun!

"The Wild Thing" eventually walked nonchalantly off.
One match to the ginger cat but was this the end of the game?

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