Friday, April 3, 2009

Does Jamie have anorexia?

From Day 1, Jamie has been picky about food. Now, I say again, this is unheard of in a Beagle. My previous Beagles would gorge themselves on anything and everything in sight. Keeping their weight down was a big problem.

But no, not James. Sometimes I had to feed him by dropping a few pellets at a time next to his bowl. Can you imagine how long that took! Maybe he didn't like the super expensive food I was feeding him. I experimented with different brands and used a bit of gravy to add incentive, but nothing seemed to be working.
My puppy trainer said that when Jemma arrived, the competition might give him the push he needed to eat more.

But even with Jemma there gobbling up her food, Jamie would look at his bowl and wander away. He did take a certain amount of interest in Jemma's bowl but not enough to entice him.

All mothers know what it's like to have children with picky food habits. You sometimes want to tear your hair out!

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