Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obituary for Zita

Today Jamie's puppy class was missing one puppy. Zita, the Rottweiler had died in a freak accident. Her owner was walking her in the garden and gave her a treat to praise her. Somehow Zita started choking on the treat and could not breathe. They rushed her to the vet, but it was too late.

Zita and Jamie were especially friendly in class. Zita had started out very nervous but in three weeks at school, she had made tremendous strides in confidence. This was due to the love, hard work and dedication of her owner.

We were all very upset by this news and our hearts go out to Zita's owner.

Meanwhile Jemma had her first class and was the second smallest in a class with a Boxer, Staffi, miniature Schnauzer and two mixed breeds. She got a bit overwhelmed by the Boxer but Jamie was also allowed to attend the class. Being older he kept the Boxer occupied.

Because Jamie and Jemma are in different classes on the same day, I wasn't sure what to do with each of them whilst the other was in class. But my puppy trainer said that as they were not disruptive it was alright for them to be at both classes. One of the assistants took care of Jamie for which I'm really grateful.

Let's hope that this works out as I would hate to have to leave one puppy at home alone.

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